With passion and lifeblood

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Our customers rely on us. They need a partner on whom they can count in any moment. We listen carefully, since we want to know and understand what they need for their daily work. We consequently follow one goal: We can to make the work of professional uses as easy as possible. Whatever we do, we do with full conviction and passion. Each individual machine carries our true lifeblood.

Our users can explain best what this means.


Ready for all challenges

Our tools are used daily at the roofing company Hanebutt.

Product development and high level of vertical integration at the headquarters in Nürtingen

We believe that “Made by Metabo” is a clear commitment to quality. If it says Metabo on the outside, then there's Metabo inside too: our power tools are created and developed by Metabo engineers. Group-wide research and development is headquartered in Nürtingen, which is where the company still manufactures steel components and motors, molds plastic parts and processes aluminum components for many different machines. That is why our production has one of the highest vertical ranges of manufacturing |  in the entire industry. See for yourself and learn more.

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Everything starts with an idea


In Nürtingen, more than 100 people work in research and development. For example, they managed to turn Metabo into the technological leader in the battery pack sector. Our high-performance battery pack are also the energy source of CAS - the world's first and most successful cross-brand cooperation in terms of battery pack technology. With its continued development and the intelligent integration of the digitalization in the world of power tools, our developers will have many approaches in the future to develop even more efficient power tools for industry and trade.

A short hierarchical process...


.... is reality in our company. Our development department is located two metres above production. This permits development and production to work together very efficiently. The tight cooperation and short paths accelerate processes and coordination, which allows us to serve our customers very quickly with what they need.

Fully automated


Each power tool is made up of many individual parts – from aluminium and plastic parts to metal and plastic housings, or gears and motors. With a holistic view and an eye for details, we put Metabo technology and expertise into every Metabo power tool. Our high standards apply all around the world where our tools are manufactured – from our headquarters in  Nürtingen, in the international production network of our parent company Koki Holdings or at our production partners. And, to ensure we can continue competitive manufacturing in Germany as well, we use a highly automated machine fleet here.

The heart of every Metabo tool


The motor is the heart of each power tool. It plays a significant part when it comes to the performance, reliability and long service life of a tool. Since it has such a great influence on the product quality, every Metabo motor contains Metabo's DNA. We develop our famous Metabo Marathon motors, for example, fully in-house and manufacture 100% of the motors for the angle grinders we build in Nürtingen in-house.

Precise and flexibly mounted


The last step to the finished power tool is the assembly. A myriad of variants of many different machine types require precision and the possibility, to change quickly and flexibly between different types. Thanks to inline programming, we install the current software in the electronic unit of the respective tool directly during assembly and test it straight afterwards. The test result is automatically documented in the tool cloud. This provides us with a digital profile for each power tool, which in turn makes us very flexible.

Out of sight, but always on our minds


We know that our tools need to work reliably and flawlessly for our users in the trades and industry, and that's what they do. However, if there ever is malfunction, we are very quick to respond. That's why we have optimized our service in Nürtingen so that more than 95 percent of all tools sent in leave our company repaired within 24 hours. We also offer different service packages, flat rates for specific repairs, special repair boxes and our Metabo app.