LiHD - High-powered, without the cable.

The powerful cells in Metabo LiHD battery packs deliver enough power for handling even the toughest applications with no cables.
Thanks to LiHD technology, Metabo is the world's only manufacturer to cover the entire power range up to 3,200 watts.
Maximum power, available for an extremely long time – for any application.


NEW: The most powerful 2-row battery pack. 18 V - 10.0 Ah



The LiHD battery pack's combination of a new kind of high-power cell and fully re-developed components ensures maximum power availability for an extremely long time.


Leading technology.

More power

thanks to the new LiHD cell technology, in combination with a newly developed battery pack

  • Busbars and larger contacts capable of handling high currents
  • 3x better conductivity thanks to cell connectors made of a specialized copper alloy
Longer run time
  • More active material in the new 21700 cells
  • Use of higher-quality materials (silver and copper)
Longer service life and extremely robust design
  • Optimal protection against internal contamination through complete grouting and full protective coating on the electronic components, as well as an optimal seal on the top structure
  • Cells protected by a rubber buffer
  • Less frequent charging thanks to more usable cell energy
  • Exterior rubber coating on the battery pack provides secure, non-slip stability and protects against impacts

LiHD 4.0 Ah

The only 4.0 Ah battery pack with one row of cells, making it

  • significantly flatter than a commonly available Li-ion 4.0 Ah battery pack
  • significantly lighter
  • easier to handle thanks to its lower weight and smaller size
  • The perfect battery for any cordless drill, cordless hammer drill and impact driver