3 year battery pack warranty

The development of Metabo's battery packs is based on the Ultra-M-Technology. This guarantees a perfect interplay of machine, battery pack and charger.
By virtue of the AIR COOLED charging technology, Metabo battery packs are fully charged again in no time at all.

Your benefits: efficient and gentle charging, optimum energy utilisation and extremely long service life.
No matter if Metabo Li-ION battery packs or the new Metabo LiHD battery packs - thanks to the unique Ultra-M-Technology, Metabo grants you a 3-year warranty on battery packs.

LiHD. Revolutionary battery pack technology

Never has high performance been so compact.
A milestone in battery pack technology.

Battery pack system 18 V

18-V-system with a future: The comprehensive 18-volt range


The Metabo PICK+MIX system stands for limitless combination options in the 18 Volt class.