Building our world. Together.

With every impact, every bore and every cut, professional tradespeople shape the world around us. For 100 years, we have been supporting them by consistently improving the experience of working with power tools, and making that work as easy as possible.

Thank you for building with us and building on our success. Together, we have so many great projects ahead.

A century of brand history.

On 19 February, 1924, Albrecht Schnizler and Julius Closs founded Schnizler GmbH on the premises of a former Nürtingen brewery to pursue a new idea. Just one year prior, Albrecht Schnizler had designed his manual drill no. 18 in his parents' bakery. Today, the drill has a place of honour in our lobby. He called it the "Metallbohrdreher" or metal drill – the origin of our brand name, Metabo. With every innovation, every new product, and every new user, we are shaping a brand that stands today for quality and reliability worldwide.

Discover the milestones in our hundred year history – from our founding in 1924 to the post-war period to internationalisation, and through to the present.