Metabo in dialogue
We believe: Listening is the start of any good idea.

Cordless System
Our vision of a cable-free construction site.

Quick, professional and the ideal partner. The Metabo service.

M+ System
Optimised power - with the right system- and consumable accessories


Complex requirements, simple solutions: the installation range.

New technologies such as heat pumps, solar and photovoltaics systems have made installation tasks much more sophisticated and complex. Professionals need compact, robust and practical tools that make their everyday work easier – all in the trusted Metabo quality.

Cordless Combination Hammer

For chiselling out channels and drilling feed lines or mounting points, available as a cordless or mains powered machine.

Wall Chaser

Two parallel slits in one operation – Cutting the channel from top to bottom reduces effort by the operator.

Cordless Sabre Saw

Universal application such as removing old heating and water systems as well as for cutting pipework, square timbers, building panels, etc.

SDS max Combination Hammers

For chiselling and drilling applications in concrete and masonry: with integrated Metabo VibraTech anti-vibration system.

BS 18 LT Quick 18 Volt Cordless Drill / Screwdriver

Extremely powerful Metabo 4-pole motor providing fast drilling and strong screwdriving capability