Metabo in dialogue
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Cordless System
Our vision of a cable-free construction site.

Quick, professional and the ideal partner. The Metabo service.

M+ System
Optimised power - with the right system- and consumable accessories

Walls, Fascia’s and Windows

Fully equipped: everything you need for walls, fascia’s and windows.

Fascia’s on existing buildings not only need fresh paint as weather protection, they also require energy-saving thermal protection. A composite thermal insulation system is applied to rendered, concrete or tiled fascia’s for this purpose. Metabo offer powerful cordless and mains powered tools for these applications.

Cordless Combination Hammer

Combines power and ease of use: with the best stroke impact energy to weight ratio in the 18 volt category, this combination hammer is as powerful as a mains machine.

Renovation Mills

The problem-solver with effective extraction for easy fascia renovation: our new RF 14-115 Renovation Planer with its high-performance triple reduction gearbox ensures the maximum removal of plaster, adhesive remains on screed or old coatings.

BS 18 LTX BL Quick

This drill/screwdriver sets new standards in the premium range: the unique Metabo brushless motor ensures that you achieve outstanding results when drilling and fixing.