1 Piece Cordless 18 V Grease Gun Kit (450g)


AU60078902 - FP 18 LTX 5.5 SB K


1  X CORDLESS Grease Gun (450g)

1 X ASC 55, 12-36 V Air-cooled Battery Charger

2 X 5.5 Ah LiHD Battery Pack

1 X Small Tool Bag



  • Cordless Grease Gun

  • Comfortable Use - compact size & weight, rubberised grip, removable shoulder strap and mounting magnet available as an accessory for base of tool.

  • Optimum Visibility - Intergrated LED work light and removable LED work light for the end of the hose.

  • Power and Control - Speed 1: Working pressure 690 bar (10000 psi), discharge rate 100 g/min Speed 2: Working pressure 413 bar (6000 psi), discharge rate 290 g/min and 10 preadjustable volume settings (including) continuous.

  • Convenient Filling - 3 ways to fill: 450g grease cartridge, direct from bulk containers and via pump

  • 2x 5.5 Ah LiHD battery packs for ultimate performance and extremely long runtime with minimal temperature generation

  • 1x 18V CHARGER ASC 55, 12-36 VPatented AIR COOLED technology for speedy charging and long service lifeMetabo Ultra-M technology: intelligent battery management for long-lasting battery pack 

  • 1 x Small Tool Bag: The small, practical Metabo tool bag, On the inside of the bag there are three bag compartments.

LiHD – The most powerful battery pack technology in the world!

Thanks to new LiHD technology, Metabo is the only manufacturer in the world to cover the entire power range – from 400 to 3,200 Watt – from standard machines to unique system solutions. Applications previously reserved for only the most powerful mains powered machines can now be handled cordlessly. The new LiHD battery packs are now available with 4.0 Ah, 5.5 Ah and 8.0 Ah.


The combination of new high-performance battery cells and completely re-developed components within the LiHD battery pack ensures maximum power availability over an extremely long run time.

The LiHD 5.5 Ah Battery Pack

  • LiHD battery packs for ultimate performance and extremely long application with minimal temperature generation
  • Ultra M technology: Intelligent battery management for long-lasting battery packs with a 3 year guarantee
  • Patented “AIR COOLED“ charging technology
  • Permanent Electronic Single Cell Protection (ESCP) when charging, for particularly long life.
  • Processor-controlled charge and discharge management
  • Capacity display with almost no self-discharge
  • One battery pack for everything. 100% compatibility with all 18 V machines and chargers of the CAS partners: www.cordless-alliance-system.com

Convenient – 1 battery pack for all applications.

Do you need the ideal tool for every task? Our battery assortment provides not only all common power tools, but also a range of unique machines specially tailored to your requirements.