Brushless* 10 Piece Cordless 18 V Battery Combo Kit


AU69000210 - MET18MX10LB3HD5.5GS


1 x 130 Nm Brushless Hammer Drill SB 18 LTX BL I 

1 x 16 mm Brushless Rotary Hammer Drill BH 18 LTX BL 16

1 x 200 Nm Brushless Impact Driver SSD 18 LT 200 BL

1 x 300 Nm Brushless Impact Wrench SSW 18 LT 300 BL

1 x 125 mm Brushless Angle Grinder WB 18 LT BL 11-125 Quick 

1 x Brushless Compact Sabre Saw SSE 18 LTX BL COMPACT

1 x 165 mm Brushless Circular Saw KS 18 LTX 66 BL

1 x Brushed Blower AG 18*

1 x LED Lamp ULA 14.4-18 LED*

1 x AM/FM Worksite Radio with Bluetooth R 12-18 BT*

• 3 x 5.5 Ah LiHD Battery Packs    

• Air-cooled Charger ASC 55

• 2 x Large Tool Bags



  • Cordless Hammer Drill SB 18 LTX BL I: 130 Nm Brushless hammer drill with maximum power for demanding applications, Hammer drill function for drilling in masonry, Selectable "impuls" mode for removal of stubborn screws and for spot-drilling on smooth surfaces.
  • Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill BH 18 LTX BL 16 16 mm Brushless rotary hammer drill, Very lightweight,with 2 functions: hammer drilling and drilling Vario-Tacho-Constamatic (VTC)-Full Wave Electronics for work with materials requiring customised speeds, which remain constant under load.
  • Cordless Impact Driver SSD 18 LTX 200 BL: 200 Nm Brushless Impact Driver Unique Metabo Brushless motor for quick work progress and maximum efficiency for any application, High torque machine with low kick-back; (APS) Auto Power Shift-automatic torque reduction after drilling to prevent overtightening; Twelve speed/torque levels for a wide range of applications.
  • Cordless Impact Wrench SSW 18 LT 300 BL 300 Nm Brushless Impact Wrench ,Compact cordless impact driver with 1/2" male square and 300 Nm, versatile application 
  • Low kick-back operation with extremely high torque
  • Cordless Angle Grinder WB 18 LT BL 11-125 QUICK: Brushless Angle GrinderUnique Metabo Brushless motor for quick work progress and maximum efficiency for any application, Fast brake system for highest user safety; Slim design for prolonged comfort; Metabo Quick for tool-free disc change by means of a quick-locking nut; Tool-free adjustable guard; twist-proof. 40% Higher Output Power (Compared to WB 18 LTX BL 125 Quick)Electronic & Mechanical Safety Clutch.

  • Cordless Compact Sabre Saw SSE 18 LTX BL COMPACT Brushless Compact Sabre saw, Light, extremely handy saw for one or two handed operation, Especially suitable for working in difficult to reach places.
  • Cordless Circular Saw KS 18 LTX 66 BL 165 mm Brushless Circular Saw, Aluminium base plate can be directly used on guide rails, Sawdust ejection nozzle, Clearly visible cutting indicator for precise sawing after initial cut
  • Cordless Blower AG 18: Lightweight cordless blower, Vario (V)-Electronics for continuously selectable blowing air velocity rate.
  • LED Lamp ULA 14.4-18 LED Powerful LED portable lamp for uniform, bright illumination of the working area, Lamp head can be tilted and locked in 12 positions and Swivelling hook.
  • Worksite Radio R 12-18 BT Robust and compact AM/FM worksite radio with Bluetooth for wireless music enjoyment from your smart phone or tablet
  • 3 x 5.5 Ah LiHD battery pack for ultimate performance and extremely long runtime with minimal temperature generation
  • 18 V CHARGER ASC 55, 12-36 VPatented AIR COOLED technology for speedy charging and long service life
  • Metabo Ultra-M technology: intelligent battery management for long-lasting battery packs with a 3-year guarantee
  • Tool Bag: The large, practical Metabo tool bag, On the inside of the bag there are five bag compartments with hook and loop straps to take three battery packs, one charger and accessories

LiHD – The most powerful battery pack technology in the world!

Thanks to new LiHD technology, Metabo is the only manufacturer in the world to cover the entire power range – from 400 to 3,200 Watt – from standard machines to unique system solutions. Applications previously reserved for only the most powerful mains powered machines can now be handled cordlessly. The new LiHD battery packs are now available with 4.0 Ah, 5.5 Ah, 8.0 Ah and 10.0 Ah.


The combination of new high-performance battery cells and completely re-developed components within the LiHD battery pack ensures maximum power availability over an extremely long run time.

High Density 5.5 Ah LiHD Battery

  • LiHD battery packs for ultimate performance and extremely long application with minimal temperature generationUltra M technology: Intelligent battery management for long-lasting Battery packs witha 3 year guaranteePatented AIR COOLED"charging technology. 
  • Permanent Electronic Single Cell Protection (ESCP) when charging for particularly long life.
  • Processor-controlled charge and discharge managment.
  • Capacity display with almost no self-discharge 
  • One Battery Pack for everything, 100% compatibility with all 18 V machines and chargers of the CAS partners.:

Convenient – 1 battery pack for all applications.

Do you need the ideal tool for every task? Our battery assortment provides not only all common power tools, but also a range of unique machines specially tailored to your requirements.