Motor Technology
As enduring as you are. More powerful than ever before.

Quick, professional and the ideal partner. The Metabo service.

Dust Extraction
Certified systems with effectively extraction.

Compact angle grinders

Ultimate productivity: the first compact 1,700 Watt angle grinder.

Your requirements are our drive.
90 years of experience. 90 years of listening attentively to what really helps you on the construction site + industry. This is Metabo's foundation to develop machines that are really innovative. The latest example: the world's first 1,700 Watt compact angle grinder. It sets new standards in terms of productivity, service life and ergonomics with maximum power while being very compact. Now you define the limit, rather than your machine: Embrace the challenge from this ultimate power pack!

Safety without compromise!

Highest productivity meets maximised user protection in our angle grinders. For example with the Metabo S-automatic safety clutch, proven since 1966, the integrated Autobalancer as well as MVT handle for 50 % less vibrations, the ergonomically perfect integrated dead man paddle switch and the Metabo disc brake - the fastest braking system on the market.

Your benefit: less personnel downtime - lower labour costs.

Unparalleled productivity.

  • Patented: the new Metabo Marathon-Motor achieves unparalleled peak values in torque, output and overload capacity

  • Impressive: unprecedented power density in the performance classes 900 to 1,700 Watt

Your benefit: greater working progress - less labour costs.

Unequalled service life for extreme applications.

  • Dramatically increased endurance: exclusive air vents at the rear prevents the user from being able to cover them with gloved hands

  • Optimally improved cooling: no deactivation due to excessive heat when compared to other angle grinders

  • A new level of robustness: thanks to a new ventilation concept and dust protection system also for extreme applications

Your benefit: longer service life - less procurement costs for spare parts.

Perfected ergonomics!

  • 1,700 Watt have never been so compact: in a slim housing with low weight and reduced handle circumference

  • As for our 900-1,000 Watt series: a prime example for ergonomics

Your benefit: working with less fatigue - fewer breaks and more safety.

Unbeatable system power!

  • The new ceramic M-Calibur series - your additional performance turbo: 250 % faster material removal - 250 % longer service life: the cutting and grinding discs with the highest material removal and longest service life on the market

  • Permanently sharp: thanks to unique, Metabo-specific bonding of the ceramic grain

Your benefits: maximised working progress - lower costs for discs and labour.